Friday, 27 December 2013

Printable Periodic Table 2014 Calendar

2013, what can I say? You have been one odd year! From Miley's controversial twerking at the VMA's to the US Shutdown (which didn't affect me one bit other than the bombardment of Twitter status'). 2013 was not only the year of twerking, it was an amazing year for music. With Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Haim, Daft Punk and Arcade Fire just to name a few and not to mention  queen bey's flawless and suprising self titled album.

So as my present for the new years, I have designed a simple 2014 calendar for you, yes YOU! Just print and stick on your wall! How fab? I've been meaning to make a periodic table calendar for quite a while and I think it would be a great gift if printed on nice paper and bounded for any chemistry lover! 

To be honest, I don't love chemistry (bio ftw) but it's a very minimal calendar which I adore! I hope ya'll enjoy the calendar and cheers, for another amazing year!

Click on the month you want to download and print!